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What is EASE Magnesium?

EASE is 100% pure MCH – magnesium chloride hexahydrate, naturally derived from The Dead Sea! Our MCH is pharmaceutical grade. That means it’s pure enough that it can be administered intravenously without any side effects.

EASE magnesium contains the perfect solution of MCH – the purest, most potent, most effective, most natural and most synergistic magnesium you've ever experienced! It’s the world's first natural iMCH magnesium ever produced – created with proprietary natural implosion and imprint technologies.

How Does It Work?

Just spray EASE magnesium anywhere it hurts! Great for INSTANT relief of cramps and ‘charley horses’. It’s 100% safe, you can even spray it in your mouth (it just won’t taste very good).

Wherever you spray EASE, your skin absorbs the liquid within seconds – even if you barely rub it in! EASE will NOT irritate your skin; it actually moisturizes and rehydrates dry skin.

EASE uses proprietary Saturation Point Technology to infuse the MCH magnesium into a hyper-saturated solution of ultra-purified water.

Again, that means no mineral residue on your skin or clothing... no odor or oily texture... and absorption of these vital nutrients exactly where you need them most in literally just seconds!

You can do up to 30-50 sprays daily on wrists, tops of the feet, underarms, backs of knees and hips. Ingestion is not recommended and EASE is best absorbed after a hot shower or bath.

Why EASE Magnesium Spray?

EASE is made from pure, all natural iMCH™ sourced from the Dead Sea.

It’s some of the most effective, most bioavailable magnesium in the world. iMCH™ is the most biocompatible version of magnesium because of its ability to be quickly absorbed transdermally (through the skin) and used by your cells.

Since your skin is your biggest organ, it allows for the highest level of absorption without taxing your digestive system, liver or kidneys.

Oral magnesium pills are poorly absorbed and can wreak havoc on your gut, often doing more harm than good. They also take longer to take effect.


If you go to the company’s main website to order EASE magnesium, you’ll see it retails for $39 per bottle.

Guaranteed for the next 100 orders only, you can order a full-sized 8oz bottle of EASE magnesium for only $31.20 (20% off). You’re also covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Either you love your results with EASE magnesium spray or you get a full refund for the price of the bottle. No hassle, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

There’s absolutely ZERO risk to give it a try.

If you place your order with the next , it will ship out within one business day. Orders usually arrive in 3 business days or less.

Act now, and you can be burning fat faster than ever before in less than a week’s time.

What Users Say About EASE Magnesium

I love EASE. It has been very helpful with night time leg/toe cramps. I love it so much I have been giving away half bottles to friends who seem to have symptoms that would benefit from it like cramping, restless legs, and even pain from sore muscles or broken or sprained joints/bones. Even folks who need to relax a bit to get to sleep at night benefit from spraying EASE on after a shower before going to bed at night.


Posted on November 8, 2017

I have to tell you how it has helped me. […] it takes the pain almost completely away. I get terrible toe cramps and one spray dies the trick...Thank you for having this. My granddaughter told me about it. She studied as a Naturopath.

Patti DelSoldato

Posted on August 1, 2017

I was doing some brush burning on our property yesterday. Wow was I tired and had a sore back after a couple hours of that. Normal outcome. But now I have been using Ease for a month or so. I took a bath, got a good spray of Ease on my sore back. Woke up today with no sore muscles. At age 69, female and 5 feet, I am always over exerting myself. Soooo happy to have this great product. I have shared samples with friends and family, they all find it very helpful.

DiAnne C.

Posted on March 15, 2017

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